Seed Savers Growing Community

Join us in growing lots of spring seedlings to give away to our fellow Canberrans who are having a hard time at the moment. Whether you can grow 20 extra beans or 100 extra tomatoes and a tray full of lettuce, you’re very welcome to join in on the Seed Savers Growing Community project. HowContinue reading “Seed Savers Growing Community”

Spring & Summer Seed Swap

It’s still freezing cold out there – but not to early to start planning for spring planting! We’re swapping and selling spring and summer seeds and you’re invited! When: Saturday 8 August from 1.30pm-4pm Where: Canberra Environment Centre, Lennox Crossing, Acton (around the corner from the National Museum of Australia) Drop-in, stay for a littleContinue reading “Spring & Summer Seed Swap”

Seed Libraries for Community Gardens

In late 2019, Canberra Seed Savers embarked on an exciting new project: Mobile Seed Libraries for Canberra community gardens. Our aim: to promote growing from seed and seed saving and to build our growing community of seed growers, swappers and sharers. Mobile seed libraries are a great way to share skills and knowledge about seed savingContinue reading “Seed Libraries for Community Gardens”

What to sow now in Canberra? Growing in climate change conditions

The weather has been terrible – between drought, fire, smoke and hail, many local growers big and small have had a hard start to 2020. Our climate is changing and we need to adapt. This year, Seed Savers will be trialing growing herbs and vegetables from seed at different times and in non-traditional seasons. FollowContinue reading “What to sow now in Canberra? Growing in climate change conditions”