Seed Savers Online Forum: Connecting Seedy People Across Australia

Are you curious to learn more about seed saving? Do you have some tips and tricks and knowledge to share? A group of volunteers is building an online community for seed savers from across Australia to share knowledge and experiences, ask questions and give answers all about seeds and seed saving. It’s free to join (you just have to register).

Whether you are just starting out, know a little or are an experienced seed saver, your contribution is really valuable to help build a public, freely accessible bank of seedy wisdom for our community. Discussions so far include identifying and controlling seed mites, Australian heritage bean varieties, breeding vegetables, processing seeds and more.

The forum also has a Directory of Seed Saving Groups and you are very welcome to list your seed saving group and preferred contact details.

Check it out and register here:

“Welcome to Seed Savers Connect, a knowledge, resource and connection hub about growing and saving seeds. Seed Savers Connect is a volunteer run website and forum for seed savers and seed saving groups across Australia. We are a passionate collective of volunteers from different seed saving groups and our mission is to promote seed saving, to share the knowledge, wisdom and experiences of seed savers from across Australia and to build the food security of our communities. Through seed saving, we aim to protect our common heritage and create a sustainable future. We are motivated by our love of growing and saving seeds and our commitment to promote seed saving. We are building on the work of generations of Australian seed savers and hope to help more local seed saving groups to form and succeed, inspired by the philosophy of the Seed Savers Network. “

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