Seedy Stories from the Seed Savers Community

Richard and the Bean Stalk

Richard Trevanion has a large productive and diverse plot at the Charnwood COGS garden. For more than 40 years, Richard has been growing, saving and growing again a vigorous and delicious variety of climbing butter bean. As well as stewarding the seed through the years, Richard has generously shared with many other gardeners. Now the Canberra Seed Savers network is excited to help keep this local heirloom growing and thriving across many more gardens for years to come.

Richard says “While working as a Trainee Draftsman in 1974 at the Civic Offices, I received an unexpected phone call from my father in Cooma, NSW.

He was rather disappointed after returning from a Cooma shopping trip, and being unable to acquire his favorite Yates Climbing Butter Bean seeds. For many years  cooked Butter Beans graced the family dinner table in time for Xmas dinner, and the following weeks, as well as plenty for freezing.

In my lunch hour I wandered over to Walton’s Department store in Monaro Mall, now the thriving Canberra Centre, and was fortunate to find 2 packets of Yates Climbing Butter Bean seeds on the hook, which I purchased.

The beans were, in course, conveyed to Cooma and gleefully accepted by my father. He passed away in 1999, and as Mum sorted through his old garden shed, she found a small tobacco tin with some prodigy Climbing Butter Bean seeds inside.

I have continued to grow the beans which are resilient, pleasant flavor and heavy cropping, and encourage others to grow them too. Until recently, we had not seen these seeds available for retail, and I believe they truly show the value of Seed Saving.

I strongly commend the Climbing Butter Bean seeds to Canberra Seed Savers.”

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