Seed Bombs: mud pies that grow flowers!

Seeds are magical! Every seed is a capsule of new life. And seed bombs are a great way to spread seeds in hard to reach or disused spaces. Seed bombs are an essential part of a guerilla gardener’s kit.

Making seed bombs is an engaging, messy, fun way for kids to learn about seeds and growing plants. And lobbing bee-food seed bombs into unused space is a fun way to create a better environment for our pollinators and promote more biodiversity.

Bee-Food Seeds

Bees and other pollination insects love flowers. Spring is the perfect time for seed bombing with flowering annuals that the bees will love.

Great seed bomb seeds for our pollinator friends in Canberra in Spring include: cosmos, dill, sunflower, buckwheat, calendula, cornflower, alyssum, borage, marigold, wallflower, and more.

Seed Bomb Recipe

* some Canberra clay (3 parts)

* some good quality compost (5 parts)

* bee food seeds (a few for each bomb).

* water

You might need to mess around with the proportions in the mix. You want the mix to be sticky and to easily form a ball.

Mix compost and seeds in bowl, add clay and water. Roll small balls – less than the size of a golf ball. In spring, throw the bombs a couple of days before rain, when temperatures are warming up. If balls are going to be kept for a while, dry in a cool dark place, quickly so seeds don’t germinate in storage.

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