Seed Savers Growing Community

Join us in growing lots of spring seedlings to give away to our fellow Canberrans who are having a hard time at the moment. Whether you can grow 20 extra beans or 100 extra tomatoes and a tray full of lettuce, you’re very welcome to join in on the Seed Savers Growing Community project.

How it works:

  • Fill out the registration form to nominate how many (roughly, we won’t hold you to it!) seedlings you’d like to grow and which varieties. Here’s the form, it only takes 5 minutes.
  • We’ll provide you with seeds, growing materials and support – if you’re a newer grower, we can pair you up with a more experienced buddy.
  • Start sowing anytime after seed distribution starts on 8 August (different plants have different optimum conditions for sowing – we can give you that info if you want) and stay in touch.
  • When your lovingly grown seedlings are ready, we’ll organise distribution of the seedlings through the Canberra Relief Network, Woden Community Services, Communities @ Work and other organisations doing fantastic work supporting Canberrans who are doing it tough.
  • If you’re on Facebook, join the Seed Savers Growing Community group and stay in touch with other growers in the community.
  • Come along to the Spring & Summer Seed Swap on Saturday 8th August to meet other seed savers and growers or let us know if you’d like to pick up seeds and materials on a later day.
  • Take some photos as you grow!

For more info, email us at

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