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  • Growing Herbs & Veggies from Seed

    Growing Herbs & Veggies from Seed

    It begins with the seed  The health of plants starts with the health of seeds. Buy organic (or non-treated) open pollinated seeds.   Seeds can be chemically treated to inhibit disease or deter pests, or trigger germination. This isn’t healthy for people, insect pollinators or the soil and isn’t necessary. Buy organic or untreated seed. Seed…

  • Seeds for Members

    Seeds for Members

    Canberra Seed Savers Co-operative members are invited to collect three free packets of seeds as part of their annual membership. Usually, this happens at an event, workshop or a Seedy Saturday at the Canberra Environment Centre, Acton. For a while at least, COVID had us all staying at home to keep our community safe. Happily,…