Seeds for Members

Canberra Seed Savers Co-operative members are invited to collect three free packets of seeds as part of their annual membership. Usually, this happens at an event, workshop or a Seedy Saturday. For a little while at least, COVID has us all staying at home to keep our community safe.

We hope you are staying safe and well. Growing at home is a great thing we can all do. Whether you’ve got a balcony or a backyard, now is the time to plant a seed! To help with that, we have been working to find a safe way to get seeds to members so that we can keep growing!

This offer is for members to collect their three free packets of seed.

If you would like to buy seed, or you know of people who are not members who would like seed, we have arranged for The Food Co-op Shop to include Canberra Seed Savers seeds in their product range for ‘on line’ purchase and either pick-up at the Shop or delivery – please see The Food Co-op Shop has been a good friend to Canberra Seed Savers, so we would be very happy for you to explore their full product range while looking for seeds 🙂


Further down this page is a listing of seeds we currently have available – our ‘virtual’ seed bank !

Have a look at the list and choose the seeds you would like for your three free packets.

Send us an email with your selections ( and a postal address. We will arrange for those seeds to be packed and posted to you.

If you find more than three packets worth of seed, that is OK – but we would ask you to purchase any additional packets from us or from The Food Co-op Shop. We will send you bank details via return email.

Email us using this form. Don’t forget to include your email and address.


(current at 16 Sept, but keep checking as this will be updated)


Borlotti (climbing)Butter Bean (bush)Gilbert’s Gold (climbing)
Kentucky Wonder (climbing)Richard’s 1974 butter beans (climbing)Royal Burgundy (bush)
Scarlet Runner (climbing)Strike (bush)


Bull’s BloodGolden


BellCalifornia Giant

Carrot – ‘heirloom’


CayenneHabanero chocolateJalapeno
large red large red cherry 


LemonStraight Eight 


Black BeautyTsakoniki 


AgasasteBorageButterfly Pea
CalendulaColumbineCosmos (pink)
DianthusFlanders PoppyJo’s spring flower mix
Marigold (African or French)NasturtiumNigella
Sweet peaZinnia


Basil (sweet Italian)ChervilDill
Parsley (flat leaf)

Leafy greens

Amaranth (green leaf)green spinach‘home grown chard’/silverbeet
Malabar spinach (red stem, green leaf)Pak ChoyRocket
TatsoiWarrigal greens (NZ spinach 

Lettuce – (all are loose leaf varieties)

Australian YellowLolla RossaMarvel of 4 Seasons


Greenfeast (podding)Snow pea (Melting Mammoth)Snow Pea (Oregon)
Sugar snap (bush)


Glass Gem Strawberry


Golden NuggetWaltham Butternut

Radish – round, red


Giant RussianYellow

Sweet Corn – Golden Bantam

Tomatillo – Verde Puebla


Variety known:

Amish PasteBeefsteakBlack Cherry
Black RussianBrandywine PinkBurnley Bounty
Burwood PrizeDruzbaGreen Zebra
MoneymakerOrange CherryPink Ping Pong
Pondarosa PinkRed Ox-heartTiger Cherry
ThrowingTommy Toe (red)
(Thea’s locally grown)
Tommy Toe (yellow)
White BeautyYellow Pear

Variety uncertain, locally grown and harvested (grower known):

“lucky dip”medium orangemedium red
“Paula’s Cherry”“Paula’s garden”plump yellow pear

Zucchini and Squash

CocozellaTromboncinoYellow Crookneck
Yellow StraightneckSweet Dumpling squash Spaghetti squash

Become A Seed Savers Member

If you would like to become a member of the Canberra Seed Savers Co-operative (or know someone who would), you can apply at

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