Seedy Resources

At Canberra Seed Savers, we’ve developed lots of seedy resources for you to help on your seed growing and saving adventure. Check out the guides here and get in touch if you’ve got questions:

Check out some of our videos about growing and seed saving

Here’s a selection of some of our videos about seeds. From sowing to growing and saving, there’s lots of great inspiration and instruction here. And there’s more on our You Tube channel. Just click the link below.

More videos about Seed Saving and Growing on our YouTube channel

This video takes you through the steps of planting a small or large seed. The video includes tips on how to make your own seed raising mix, how deep to plant your seeds and what size pot you should plant into.
In this video we learn how to select the right sized seedling for the correct sized pot and then how to separate out a germinated seedling to plant individually without damaging the small plant. Learn a few tips and tricks to give your plants the best change of growing big and strong!